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Socialisation of Education

Socialisation of Education
(A Thought to Sensitize)

Education and social upliftment are both conditioned by socialisation of education.  Education plays a crucial role to sustain a society in a positive mood. Policy makers must consider sociological principles of education while formulating policies for educational system in the country. The specific aim of education should be all round development of an individual to gain socio-cultural upliftment.

Tapash Das, Assistant Teacher

Today, when most of us consider education as a means, to get a better job, better lifestyle and also to gain knowledge of unknown frontiers of the universe but here we have to understand that EDUCATION is going through a big transition due to the on-going changes in the way we use technology and the way we communicate. Online availability of the contents has brought about revolutionary change in the teaching learning process. To cope up with this change of 21st century, the vision and mission of the educational institutions need to change from traditional unskilled educated factory to a training center of 21st century  which can produce a good quality HUMAN RESOURCES with the abled help and guidance of teaching community in the country. The HUMAN RESOURCES which can bring a major societal change in the country. But yes, this SOCIETAL CHANGE is not possible without basic education to the masses. Here, if we go through a research paper of Dr. Hadibandhu Behera a Lecturer-in-Edication of Odisha, titled- "Educational Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi with Special Reference to Curriculum of Basic Education", he mentioned that Gandh ji Keenly wanted to create a new social order based on truth and non-violence. This can be brought about only through a silent social revolution. He believed that revolutionary changes in the educational system can help to bring this silent social revolution. The scheme of Basic Education does not stand for mere technique, it stands for a new Sprit and approach to all education. Dr. Behara also mentioned in his paper - "It is quite justified to say that the fundamental principles of basic education are still valid and fruitful in the context of our present educational reform. Those are relevant to be used as guiding principles of modern education. In fact, it needs to be reformed on modern lines then it may serve as one of the most interesting and fruitful technique s of instruction at elementary level" So, it shows that universilation of basic education is not only a thought today. The father of the nation showed his concern of social change and basic education way back before independence. 

The proposed thought couldn't execute into reality till today due to uncountable reasons, now it's the duty of the teaching community specially to fulfil the dream of the father of the nation and for the shake of our future generations. Though, it's a big challenge to chase the target for a teacher only to work out without any support from society. The government has been trying to provide every possible assistance to us undoubtedly but to achieve a remarkable goal; every section of society has to deliver the best.


1. A seminar paper presentation during B.Ed. (IGNOU) workshop by a group of Tapash Das, K. Karuna Janvi, R. K. Kiran Sana Singha, Rafi Ahmed Choudhary, Umakant Das, Sudhendu Barbhuiya.

2. A research paper by Dr. Hadibandhu Behera, Lecturer-in-Edication of Sriram Chandra Bhanja College of Odisha (studied through internet)

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