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(A Thought to Sensitize)
Tapash Das

Reading blogs and reports available on google became a habit now-a-days.  Being a teacher I do always prefer to go through the related topics. This time the topic titled ROLE OF A TEACHER IN A SOCIETY liked by myself and thought to share with the readers of ANTAREEP to sensitize. Hope the teaching teachers’ community will be benefited by this.

Today a teacher has become a mentor who should guide students through the thorns of education. A teacher plays a key role in the society growth, as they help to shape the mindset of the nation. In other words, there is personal responsibility on every teacher, as they play significant role in the students’ life and education.

What a Modern Teacher Should Be Like:
As it has been already said, a modern teacher is a mentor. This should be a person with a vision and determination to dedicate themselves to educating the future generation. It is not enough to deliver information, as all information now can be found online. The main teacher’s job is to show how to use this information and why to use it. Below is the list of main qualities a modern teacher should have.

A great teacher should be determined to their goal. The goal is to assure that students get the education and understand why they need it. A teacher without a passion cannot succeed, as only passion can sparkles the interest in student’s minds.

Adapted to change: Now-a-days everything is changing in seconds; for this reason, teaching methods are becoming old and need to be revised. A great teacher should constantly adapt to change in a society and particularly adapt to the way young learners perceive the world.

Self-development: A modern teacher cannot allow themselves to stop learning. If you want to keep up with development of the world, and if you want to be a great teacher, you should never stop learning.

Open to feedback: Teachers should be open to comments on their methods and strategy. This can help them to see the weaknesses and avoid them in future.

A Teacher Plays a Key Role In Students’ Life:
It is often believed that a student’s interest in education has much to do with a teacher. A good teacher shows the students what they can do and what they need to learn to do what they cannot do at the moment. Teaching should be gradual, letting the students see their progress in achieving higher and higher levels.

Not only a teacher needs to deliver the information, but they also need to help students see their future prospects. Teachers should encourage students. Learners should feel free to open discussions and present their points of view. In the long run, a teacher needs to inform students about different possibilities open to them at college. Learners often do not know what is best for them.

The teacher’s role in students’ life is also defined as psychological. A teacher is also an educator and psychologist who has to read children emotions. A teacher should help students overcome their fears. Teachers shape learners’ mind and the way they see the world. A good teacher can inspire, while a bad one can kill the inspiration. For this reason, the role of a teacher is even more significant than we can imagine.
Source: FREELANCE WRITING SERVICE, Published On: April, 27 2017


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